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6 Hole Ocarina Lessons – Lesson 5 (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)

Today you will learn the A and G notes. If you’ve been following along, you should know 6 notes when you are done with this lesson.

In case you want to print this ocarina lesson out, or see it without distractions, I’ve made the Sheet Music available for you.

14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00
14o5G00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 14o5G00 17o5A00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00 17o5A00 14o5G00 17o5A00
04o5C00 07o5D00 10o5E00 11o5F00 14o5G00 17o5A00 14o5G00 11o5F00 10o5E00 07o5D00 04o5C00
04o5C00 10o5E00 07o5D00 04o5C00 14o5G00 11o5F00 10o5E00 17o5A00 14o5G00 11o5F00
17o5A00 14o5G00 11o5F00 17o5A00 10o5E00 10o5E00 17o5A00 10o5E00 07o5D00 04o5C00
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  • isiah May 10, 2019, 5:15 pm

    thank you so much this has been a huge help

    • Laurie September 17, 2020, 3:48 pm

      This is amazing! I know almost all the notes now. I only have one issue though, it says we are supposed to be learning all the notes on this from A through G, but we haven’t learned B. Can you please put B for the ocarina?

      • Ivy Reisner April 2, 2021, 8:53 am

        I realize this is an old comment, but for anyone coming along later, the note you uncover for D is the only one you cover for B. Hope that helps.

        • James January 3, 2023, 5:48 pm

          Thank you – I can’t verify the right answer as I can’t actually read music. I just wrote the program and input notes I found. Sometimes though, the ocarina cannot hit that note so a substitute note is used. Not sure if that’s the case for this one, but thank you for the comment.

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